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baking life & CEO Dream

being busy with playing this cute facebook games recently..hahaha..
i'll share the cuteness on these two games.

Baking Life.

i just only love customizing cupcakes in here. u can whatever decorizing your cupcake. it's nice ! i love cupcake :) i want to make some someday. hahaha..

see ?
u can decor it from liner , from the cake, frosting, topping and other. and what i love is : they are so colorful. i always make cupcakes from bright and strong colour.


(p.s. above is my cupcakes decoration)

making money in Baking Life is easy too. there are many customers from your friends will visit and eat in your bakery shop.
mhh.. what i like then ? the recipes and decoration. many options here. u can make your whatever you like creation ! be creative here :)

now CEO Dream.

what exactly i love first when i found this game from my friend is, the character ! the character is cute. so anime :)

rule is : do job as much as you can until you get CEO Position. more higher your position, more expensive the office is, you get :)

when you play this game, you can also play mini game in here, in the beginning of your job was given to you. visiting your friends' offices, play the mini games, reach your level, and get the coins. everyday. hahahhaha :)

oh ! there's something unique too in here. The Company you work has a FUN Name of a big Company !

you can say :
( from Siemens )
KFG ( actually KFC )
Pizza Not ( Pizza Hut )
NIHE ( NIKE for sure )
Yohoo ( you know its Yahoo )
and many more. hahhaha. funny it is :D

interested playing ?


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.


  1. gem ceo itu dimana maennya??
    fesbuk juga kahhh?? kayaknya asikkk

  2. iyaa..semuanya di facebuk koq..hohoho

  3. you have a nice blog.. :)
    please visit my blog and follow my blog if you like it :)
    have a nice day

  4. sounds interesting! bru tau loh ad d fb itu game nya! thx for ur info yaaa

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