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happy mommy day

dear mommy,,

i want to say so many things
i don't know how to start

i want to capture and describe
the feelings of my heart
but i don't know how to say it

i can never explain the ways I've felt
Growing up without you, playing the cards I was dealt.

There were always many things
I wanted to say

My dreams and new thoughts that came each day
I wish
I could take back some of the skeptical things I've said
To be more respectful, listen, be positive instead.

At times I felt you were never listening to what I would say
So I'd get angry and react in the wrong way.

I understand that it took some time for me to change my ways,
I prayed for this each night and even some days.

Although you'd never see the true feelings I'd hide
I love you very much deep down inside.

Although I'm quite unsure of where the road might lead
If you stay by my side
I promise to take heed

I am your child

and I love you

Thanks for all you've done mom

Truly and sincerely to me

you’re very special like no other.


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.