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what i love from avatar?

1st. the beautiful colorful of neon light in Pandora.
see these.

2nd. the lessons that Jake Sully learns from the Na'vi.

i love how Jake is learning to catch up, decide and unite his feeling with a flying creature (banshee)

3rd. i'm curious how this avatar was created.

they have a hair that can connect his neural queue to its antennae. that's COOL ! they have a blue body but also have a feeling that same with human, thats called LOVE ! ^^

Naytiri : ... u also can choose a woman ..

Jake : ... and she must also choose me

Naytiri : she already has

4th. are u wondering who played Naytiri ? since Sam Worthington is human's AVATAR version, Naytiri have too. she's Zoe Saldana

5th. i love PANDORA !
all creatures there are CUTE !
* if u step ur foot in a branch,
then ur footsteps will leave a colorful light ! wiw !
* if u touch one of plants there,
which is more like a flower, the flower will shine into a colorful light again ! *.*

RECOMMENDED Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie if u like to imagine things :D


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