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2009 Favourite Award

my favourite female singer 2009 award :
i love Kesha ! i can say her music style is pop, electric, and a little bit rock :D bit up my morning when i listen to it. recommended song of kesha : Tik Tok and Chain Reaction.

i love Keri Hilson since i hear singing with Timbaland in Return the Favor. i'm straight falling in love wiht her after heard that song :) her music style is simple RnB. and her popular song is Superhuman featuring Chris Brown. i'm sure you all have listened to it :)

why i love Lady Gaga? since her weird & eccentric fashion style becomes popular so does her music :) i love the electronic beats in her album. almost all the songs of her album : The Fame , i LOVE it !

Britney Spears has made her comeback very well ! big applause to her :) then you should listen to Circus and 3. Love that ! ^^

my favourite male singer 2009 award :

Jason Mraz. who doesn't like him? ^^ his catchy songs, I'm Yours has made people around love playing this song many times. I have listened to all songs in this album and ALL sound GREAT :) simple jazz, accoustic, and pop.

David Archuleta. ow.this young man has become a star among girl teens, i think, isn't it right ? :) i love his catchy pop tune . i love listening to a little too not over you. how bout you??

Timbaland. The king of RnB producer for me. He made almost every songs BIT UP my world. i play with BASS BOOSTER and sound WOW ! :) new song recommended : Timbaland ft. Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again

Mika = Lollipop ! love his cartoon cover and cartoon background on his music video. catchy pop is MIKA's style ^^

my favourite album 2009 award :

my favourite movie 2009 award :

my favourite asian series 2009 award :

HIDUP Boys Over Flower ! this is a GREAT version of Hana Yori Dango than Meteor Garden i think :) Happy ending is one of the reason why BOF become fenomenal among teens a past few months ago. Also the actor and the actress is the way more HANDSOME and CUTE ! who can past their cuteness :)
i watched TOGETHER when i had a long holiday before i started college :) funny romantic movie and i love jiro wang ! he's hot :D


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