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f(x) lachata

a little too late but not really late.

finally i saw
f(x) - Lachata MV !!

owh..they're actually really GREAT..why i told so?

.:: i LOVE their STYLE so much. their fashion stylist is doing a great great job. haha.. edgy rock yet a little feminine.

.:: they have a rapper = amber. she's very very very "KEREN" (eng. means= cool ). mantep banget ngerap-nya. guw suka banget suaranya xD wii..

.:: they all are really beautiful not cute :)

first time i saw the mv,, i straightly looked forward for LUNA,, Victoria,, Amber.
yepp. LUNA. i like her.^^.
hehe. there are still Krystal, Jessica SNSD's younger sister and Sulli.

i want to post everything about f(x)'s fashion, f(x) costume, f(x) clothes, f(x) style..
so wait for it ! hehehe :D

this is what they wore at SBS Inkigayo debut stage

taken from : aff(x)tion forum

more official pics


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