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ragunan zoo time

on monday.. i went to Ragunan Zoo with my 5 crazy friends ;)

we actually had a really great great time there eventhough we're really tired
we must went along through the park which is a very very expansive and not expensive ( cheap ).

we all felt like
- walking around the forest -
well.. Ragunan Zoo is one of the zoo that Jakarta have.. fortunately and happily,,in Jakarta there's still a green wide area among another HOT places !

all of us were walking around and around,here and there,left and right,seeking and understanding the maps ( idk if this map was correct or not ) to find the animal we haven't ever seen in our life !

I haven't seen Giraffe ! Finally , I saw this " High Creature " in front of my eyes. I was really really satisfied,,hahha..
i'm short and it's tall
that's the real difference between me and him. haha.
i found a little weird when it was chewing food ( leaves ),, the tongue was moving front and it's suck ! :D

i was amazed there. i can't stop thinking how these all creatures is made by GOD !
colorful , beautiful, weird , strange, freaky , odd ..
all are them !

what i was freaking about last day : MET Really Really BIG ANiMALS ! YeaY !

what i amazed last day : MET beautiful and colorful animal ! but i don't know their name,hehe ;P

what i was dissapointed about : can't see buffalo and lion !

what i was laughing about : MET uwa-uwa ( monkey's brother ) screaming and know how to "pose" when we all took the photograph !

only 4500 Rp, u can enjoy all the park ! i'm totally agree that u bring ur own bicycle. because walking around the whole park is really tired and not delicious !


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.

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