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got hw.

i got hw from yofany-huelicious

6 things that make me happy :

soo i'll start with

1. my very lovely supporting family which is consist of my dear mom and dad also my great brother sister. you're all means alot to me. love you all.
my mom who always gets up every earlier morning, makes us breakfast, and still goes to work.
my dad who always gets us in a car to our school or college or even mall and also goes to work.
my sister who always have been my bff, hangs out together and share room together.
my brother who always uses computer and i even get crazy when i cannot use the computer. he's also clever and can solve computer problem with me.

love u all

2. of course, my dear computer. hehe. if this isn't there at its place always, what i can do to spend my leisure time? how can i post this blog ? how can i get the new news or celebs spazzes ?

3. MUSIC . i can say, i can't live without music. when i open this computer, i straightly playing the music player. when i want to sleep, i also listen to my walkman phone. when i get up, i fall for turn up the music loud. MUSIC can get my mood up and make me feel happier than ever.

4. Celebrities. well, i can't lie. i try to update my idol's news. hehehe. i love almost Asian Idol. but so do Western too. :) they make my life - W.O.W - ing everyday.

5. Friends. Who can live life without friends? i miss so much my dear friends from kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and especially senior high school. L.O.V.E them.

6. FOOD !! i'm crazy when i see, smell, and look at delicious food. hehe.

well, if i can add 1 thing again that made me happy, i'll choose MAGAZINE.
i'm really a magazine lover. i almost buy 3 magazine a month or more. hehe.
very broke !!

thx for the homework then ! ^^


Hello guys, I'm Marchella. I'm a 24 years old part time blogger from Indonesia. I'm also a food lovers. I love everything delicious to see.

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