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wiwww.. a week full of fahrenheit for me =)
i was trying trying to download all songs of their new album
" Love You More And More "

i know this album is old , released about february or january..
but itss okayy

i love their songs, all member's voice sounds cute, also their hubby face..
but not as hubby & sweet as in the past, when they're first come out..

  1. 動脈 Dong Mai (Artery)
  2. 越來越愛 Yue Lai Yue Ai (Love You More and More)
  3. 恆星 Heng Xing (Shining Star)
  4. 寂寞暴走 Ji Mo Bao Zou (Lonesome Spirit)
  5. 默默 Mo Mo (Silently)
  6. 最佳聽衆 Zui Jia Ting Zhong (The Best Listener)
  7. 留下來 Liu Xia Lai (Stay With Me)
  8. 孤單摩天輪 Gu Dan Mo Tian Lun (Lonely Ferris Wheel)
  9. 雨是眼淚 Yu Shi Yen Lei (The Rain’s like Tears)
  10. 你應該被珍惜 Ni Yin Gai Bei Zhen Xi (You Should Be Cherished)
  11. Touch Your Heart BONUS TRACK To Hongkong
this is one of my favourite song from their album =)

(- Mo Mo -)
it is also the ending theme of " Together / Superstar Express " drama that i told you 2days ago. You should listen to this.
Cute Song

maybe i become a little crazy, because of this film. So, everything anything that is connected with the film, i will also love it.. hihhihihihii


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