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Make It Happen (2008)

Genre : Drama, Dance
Running time : 90 minutes
Release date : 8 August 2008

a brief storyline

Lauryn is a young woman from a small town in Indiana who moves to Chicago with dreams of entering the Chicago School of Music and Dance. But after rejection and a series of misfortunes she finds herself working in a burlesque club, Ruby's as a dancer. The club proves to be a place of conflict and self-discovery, helping Lauryn to realize that even though plans may change, dreams never do.

a brief commentaryrief commentary

Make It Happen is a dance filmI think anyone who LOVE dance so much will enjoy this film, eventhough this is Step Up Movie looks alike. But, the dance genre in this movie is one reason why this movie is different from Step Up Movie. Its dance genre is more way sexier and more energetic, and of course it suits well for stripping or pole dance (maybe). Backsound yang dipakai lagu R n B hiphop upbeat. Pas buat dancenya.

Overall, all dance moves here are OK. I like most when Lauryn dances in club stage. Attractive dancer, cool moves and its a lil bit sexy. What I like most is its trendy lovable music. Look at soundtrack listing below.

Anyway, you MUST WATCH this video below. Lauryn Kirk ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead ) is dancing to Lady Gaga - Just Dance (mix)

I love her dance pose

Soundtrack Listings :
"Teach Me How To Dance"Performed by Che'Nelle
"Shawty Get Loose"Performed by
Lil Mama ft. Chris Brown
"Love Ya"Performed by Unkle Jam
"Bottoms Up"Performed by
Keke Palmer
"Beware of the Dog"Performed by
"Push It"Performed by Salt 'n Pepa
"Just Dance"Performed by
Lady GaGa


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  1. jelek ah filmnya, ce nya jelek, co nya jelek, ceritanya geje, haha :P